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Корпоративным клиентам

SHATO.MARKET is a modern wine and spirits company.  Our personal managers will help you to choose drinks for your needs and budget. We will promptly deliver your order with a full set of documents.

Large assortment and easy choice. It is comfortable to order and get your order on time

Personal managers and comfortable site

We assign a personal manager for our corporate clients. Your personal manager will help to make a choice, will consult, will choose a business gift, will understand what you need and will keep under control the whole process up to final delivery.

It is easy to make a choice online independently, as well as to search, to get thoughtful description of drinks, to take a look at high-quality photos, to find out ratings of leading agencies and finally to watch at the listing of the best drinks by price and quality.

Wide Assortment

Almost all of the best wines, Champagne and spirits imported into Russia, you can buy from us.

Quality Assurance

All the drinks are officially imported into Russia, they are certified and have a guarantee of authenticity. Thanks to the both optimal shipping and storage conditions our wine keeps its taste and organoleptic properties. We provide certificates of conformity for all products upon customer request.